Throwback Concert: Rush at The XL Center 1994

Throwback Concert: Rush at The XL Center 1994

99.1 PLR celebrates 50 years! This week we are celebrating another great year in our history: 1994!

That spring RUSH brought its Counterparts Tour to Hartford’s XL Center (then called the Hartford Civic Center). Joining them on the tour was an up-and-coming band from Seattle, Candlebox.

Today we look back at the show and tour. If you went to the show in Hartford, you might have won tickets from PLR!



Tour: Counterparts

Special Guest: Candlebox

Sunday April 24, 1994

The XL Center – Hartford, Connecticut

Ticket Price: $30


  1. Dreamline
  2. The Spirit of Radio
  3. The Analog Kid
  4. Cold Fire
  5. Time Stand Still
  6. Nobody’s Hero
  7. Roll The Bones
  8. Animate
  9. Stick It Out
  10. Double Agent
  11. Limelight
  12. Bravado
  13. Mystic Rhythms
  14. Closer to the Heart
  15. Show Don’t Tell
  16. Leave That Thing Alone
  17. Drum Solo
  18. The Trees
  19. Xandu
  20. Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres Part I: Prelude
  21. Tom Sawyer
  22. YYX (encore)



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