50 Years, 50 Albums 2007: The White Stripes ‘Icky Thump’

50 Years, 50 Albums 2007: The White Stripes ‘Icky Thump’

The rock duo out of Detroit is now in our Hall of Fame. With a short run of seven years The White Stripes, Jack White and then wife Meg White, put out six incredible albums that covered the genres of alternative rock, garage rock, alternative, punk, blues, etc. Although they are no longer together (or married), Jack has continued as musician, producer, and actor! Meg has always led a low profile a lot like her idol Bob Dylan. “Icky Thump” was their 6th and final studio album together which won two Grammys in 2008 for Best Rock Performance by a Duo and Best Alternative Album. Jack calls the album a positive one, getting back to the roots like their first album, about feeling positive, alive, and just being happy! Well we are certainly happy to induct the album Icky Thump┬áby The White Stripes into the WPLR Hall of Fame.

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