Throwback Concert: Rush at New Haven Coliseum 1985

Throwback Concert: Rush at New Haven Coliseum 1985

99.1 PLR celebrates 50 years! This week we are celebrating another great year in our history: 1985!

That year PLR presented Rush at New Haven Coliseum. Rush hit the road in 1985 to support its eleventh studio album, “Power Windows,” which featured such singles as The Big Money, Territories, Manhattan Project, Mystic Rhythms and Marathon. Joining them at the Coliseum were special guests the Steve Morse Band.

Today we look back when Rush rocked New Haven in 1985…



Tour: Power Windows

Special Guest: Steve Morse Band

Saturday December 7, 1985

New Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum

Ticket Price: $14.50

Band Lineup: Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart


  1. The Spirit of Radio
  2. Limelight
  3. The Big Money
  4. New World Man
  5. Subdivisions
  6. Manhattan Project
  7. Middletown Dreams
  8. Red Sector A
  9. Closer to the Heart
  10. Marathon
  11. The Trees
  12. Mystic Rhythms
  13. Distant Early Warning
  14. Territories
  15. Witch Hunt
  16. YYZ
  17. Drum Solo
  18. Red Lenses
  19. Tom Sawyer
  20. 2121 Part I: Overture (encore)
  21. 2121 Part II: The Temples of Syrinx (encore)
  22. Grand Designs (encore)
  23. In The Mood (encore)



Check out these live clips of Rush in 1985