6:00. A hoarding house killed its occupant who happened to be a big time TV production person.

6:13. Ashley has agreed to sell a pair of her used socks to a Tribe member with a fetish for a hundred dollars. We will take a look at the socks.
6:30. Weird stuff you’ve kept or collected.
6:40. Bernie Sanders has an offer for Ashley.
7:00. Fake covid vaccine passports are a hot commodity.
7:13. Dumb Ass News. Beauty contestant winner in fist fight over crown.
7:20 – 8:00. Tony Spera. Son in law to Ed and Lorraine Warren with The 2 best ghost stories that we haven’t heard.
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8:00. A Jennifer Dulos movie coming out in June. And the Dulos house finally sold. Atty Norm Pattis on the phone
8:13 – 9:00. What are the 8 perfect movies? Movie Critic Joe Meyers.
9:00. Family talks about the state of DMX
9:13. Dumb Ass News. A guy so bad a robbery one of his victims offers him a job.
9:20. Comedian Kerryn Feehan is going to help Ashley get into a wedding dress.