Chaz and AJ Show Rundown: Monday, May 3

Chaz and AJ Show Rundown: Monday, May 3

5:30. Beefman’s Top 10 List: Songs with the word “Fire” in the Title:

1)      Fire – Jimi Hendrix

2)      We didn’t start the Fire – Billy Joel

3)      I’m on Fire – Bruce  Springsteen

4)      Play with Fire – The Rolling Stones

5)      Fire Down Below – Bob Seager

6)      Light My Fire – The Doors

7)      Heaven’s on Fire – Kiss

8)      Blood and Fire – Van Halen

9)      Fight Fire with Fire – Metallica

10)   Great Balls of Fire – Jerry Lee Lewis


6:00. A moose hit by a car in Connecticut.

6:13. A sign that people are ready to have sex again.

6:20 – 7:00. Weird and public places you boinked.

7:00. It’s School Nutrition Recognition Week. Does Ashley know what that means?

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7:13. Dumb Ass News. A news reporters reaction to a live car accident.

7:20 – 8:00. Roller Coaster Karaoke. How did AJ and Phil do singing on one of the best wooden roller coasters in the country?

8:00. NFL agent Joe Linta runs through the big NFL draft takeaways.

8:13. Dire Straits guitarist Jack Sonni’s wild night bar hopping with Robin Williams. Also, his encounters with Princess Diana and Madonna.

9:00. Mackenzie Newcomb – a woman who is selling her NY wedding.

9:13 Dumb Ass News. The Queen didn’t take long to warm up to a marital aide company.