Chaz and AJ Show Rundown: Tuesday, May 11

Chaz and AJ Show Rundown: Tuesday, May 11

6:00. Lots and lots of cats found in one house. How many? Depends on how you count them.

6:13 – 7:00. Embarrassing way you injured yourself. Like closing a car door on your hand.

7:00. A Real live Tiger roaming a neighborhood. One guy pulls a gun.

7:13 Dumb Ass News. Elderly tourists taken to a cemetery for a sales pitch.

7:20. How well did Gianni Russo know the real life characters from Goodfellas?

7:40. Part two. Story that Bill Gates used to hire local strippers to come to his parties and swim nude. Did Gianni supply famous people with party requests?

8:00. How a great day turned ugly fast for a couple of kids out on their bikes.

8:13 – 9:00. Ladies it’s your turn to be schooled on dating etiquette. Top 5 dating tips for the ladies from Karenna Alexander.

8:40. Anything we should add to the list.

9:00. Your nose and your wee wee are connected.

9:13. Dumb Ass News. What a florida man was caught doing to a tree.

9:20. The top things you Impulse buy.

9:30. AJ parody song.