50 Years, 50 Albums 1981: Rush ‘Moving Pictures’

50 Years, 50 Albums 1981: Rush ‘Moving Pictures’

It certainly comes with no surprise that Rush’s Moving Pictures album came in with the most votes this week as we focused on the year 1981. Foreigner 4 and Tattoo You from the Stones are both great albums from that year, but couldn’t keep up with our rabid Rush fans! Moving Pictures is the eighth studio album from Rush following up Permanent Waves the previous year as the band started to become a little more radio friendly. Moving Pictures remains their highest selling record in the United States selling over five million copies and introduced us to “Tom Sawyer” one of their best-known songs that has been played at every concert tour since its release. At this time, we are proud to induct Rush’s Moving Pictures into the WPLR Hall of fame. Thanks for your votes.

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