50 Years, 50 Albums 1996: Metallica ‘Load’

50 Years, 50 Albums 1996: Metallica ‘Load’

It started off as a tight race between Tool’s Aenima, Sublime’s third album and Metallica’s Load for the year 1996 and by the end of voting, Metallica took in the most nods to be inducted into the PLR Hall of Fame. Coming off the the fifth album, referred to as the “Black Album” in 1991 the band took a slight change from heavy thrash metal they so famously perfected to a more hard rock sound which did alienated some of the bands original fans but became the bands most commercially successful album selling 680,000 units in its first week. Load really shows the bands diversity not only with James Hetfield deep lyrics and songwriting capabilities but giving us a power ballad and almost a country sound with “Mama Said”. Definitely an album that shows the growth in the bands music and sound. We like to induct Metallica’s Load album into the WPLR Hall of Fame. Thanks for your votes.

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