50 Years, 50 Albums 1981: Rolling Stones ‘Tattoo You’

50 Years, 50 Albums 1981: Rolling Stones ‘Tattoo You’

Wrapping up the year 1981 with a tight voting race between Foreigner’s fourth album 4, Journey’s seventh studio album Escape, which gave us some of Journey’s biggest hits, and Tattoo You from the Rolling Stones. After the dust settled, it was the 18th studio album from the Stones that came in with the most votes. Coming off a combination of touring, plus feuding within the band, they put together an album of a lot of studio outtakes and songs they didn’t use from they’re previous albums. Tattoo You gave us some great songs like “Waiting On A Friend”, “Hang Fire”, “Little T & A”, “Black Limousine”, and “Start me Up”, which was used eight years later as the opening song on the Steel Wheels Tour. The amazing thing is that these were songs that weren’t used, for some reason, but when this album was released they became Rolling Stones standards at their live performances, just proving once again that after 58 years they are the worlds greatest rock ‘n roll bands.

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