50 Years, 50 Albums 1998: Godsmack ‘Godsmack’

50 Years, 50 Albums 1998: Godsmack ‘Godsmack’

This is a first in voting for 50 Years, 50 Albums for the year 1998 with Kid Rock’s 4th album Devil Without A Cause, Offspring’s 5th album Americana and the debut lp from Godsmack. It came down to a tie at the end of the voting between Offspring and Godsmack, so we went to a tiebreaker between these two bands. When the dust settled, it was the band from Lawrence, Massachusetts that came in with the most votes. The demo album All Wound Up helped finance the debut album due to its massive success in the Boston area, launching the album to 4x Platinum status. Loudwire (an American online magazine) named Godsmack’s debut album as one of the top 10 hard rock albums of 1998. Although many people think the band’s name “Godsmack” came from an Alice in Chains song, according to front man and founder Sully Erna it was a little more simple then that. He was referring to someone about a cold sore! Sully got one the next day and referred it to as Godsmack on the lip!

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