PODCAST – Friday, December 17: The Final Show Of 2021!

3D illustration close up black speedometer with cutoffs 2022. The concept of the new year and Christmas in the automotive field. Counting months, time until the new year

PODCAST – Friday, December 17: The Final Show Of 2021!

The best flubbles from all of 2021. Chaz and AJ compiled five minutes of the most egregious, hilarious and ridiculous miscues from the entire year. (0:00)

Channel 3’s Scot Haney was on the phone to talk about his performance at the Toy Drive with AJ and Tribe member Andre from Derby. Turns out they make a pretty good tribute act to the Bee Gees! (5:52)

Governor Lamont was on the phone to wrap up 2021 with Chaz and AJ, by talking about his favorite Christmas gifts from his childhood, and admitted to not being such a great gift-giver. (16:42)

Live Nation’s Jimmy Koplik was on the phone from Florida to tease the opening day at the Hartford HealthCare Amphitheater for 2022, which has not yet been officially announced. (26:06)

Boss Keith admitted to putting the Top 5 list together as he was walking to the studio, and that lack of preparation lead to some flubbles. (37:20)

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