99.1 PLR McDermott Chevrolet & Lexus Artist in Residence: Green Day

99.1 PLR McDermott Chevrolet & Lexus Artist in Residence: Green Day

Every week during 2022, 99.1 PLR focuses on one of the many great rock artists in history. Listen weekdays at 11am, 1pm, 5pm and 9pm as we play one of their classics, a live cut, or a fan favorite. This week is Green Day.


Vocals & Guitar: Billie Joe Armstrong

Bass: Mike Dirnt

Drums: Tré Cool

Learn more about the band:

Formed in California in 1987, Green Day, along with other bands, helped the popularization of punk rock in the U.S. Two records on the indie label, Lookout, eventually lead them to the big time and the release of the 10 million selling Dookie. As the years went on, the band found diminishing returns until they got political in 2004 with the release of “American Idiot”. That album was such a success that it was turned into a long running Broadway musical. Green Day continues to make records today.


Records sold: 22.5 million records in the U.S.

Grammy Awards: 5.

Grammy Nominations: 20.

Studio albums: 13.

Fun Facts:

During a 1994 Boston show, 100 people were injured and 45 arrested. The group also started the infamous Woodstock ’94 mud fight. 

The band members all have EBPM tattooed on them which stands for EAST BAY PUNK MAFIA.

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