99.1 PLR McDermott Chevrolet & Lexus Artist in Residence: Aerosmith

99.1 PLR McDermott Chevrolet & Lexus Artist in Residence: Aerosmith

Line Up:

Vocals: Steven Tyler
Lead Guitar: Joe Perry
Rhythm Guitar: Brad Whitford
Bass: Tom Hamilton
Drums: Joey Kramer

The Story:

Formed in 1971, the band released their first record in 1972 but things didn’t start to connect until Get Your Wings a few years later. The ’70s were very good to the band as the albums kept selling and the crowds kept getting bigger. On the flip side, the drugs and alcohol were taking their toil and infighting by the start of 1980 was at its height. The next six years were a mess until RUN DMC decided to cover “Walk This Way” and manager Tim Collins demanded the band get clean. The second phase of the band was arguably bigger than the first with Permanent Vacation, Pump and Get a Grip becoming not only huge rock hits but pop too. They ended the ’90s and their tremendous run with a number one hit in “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”.


Albums Sold: 69.5 million in the U.S.
Studio Albums: 15.
Grammys Won: 4.

Fun Facts:

  • Aerosmith are oddly connected to “Wayne’s World” as they famously appeared in one of the SNL skits when Tom Hanks was the host. They also are a big part of the movie sequel.
  • David Fincher, who went on to direct Fight Club, Seven, Mank, Benjamin Button, and many more, started his career with videos and was behind the camera for “Janie’s Got a Gun”.
  • Aerosmith, in 1977, were going to rent a plane. The Convair CV-300 seemed a bit unsafe for the band so they passed. In an tragic twist, Lynyrd Skynyrd wound up renting the plane and it would be the one that would famously go down.
  • Aerosmith is the only band to be featured in one of the Disney parks. They have a rollercoaster at Hollywood Studios in Florida called the Aerosmith Rock N Roller Coaster that has been there since 1999. It is one of the most popular rides there.

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