Chaz and AJ Show Rundown: Monday, August 29

Chaz and AJ Show Rundown: Monday, August 29

6:00. Connecticut road rage incident involved a machete. 

6:20. Michael McDonald and Tom Johnston of the Doobie Brothers. What happened to the hand written notes of their most popular song?

6:30. Why a Ford Taurus sold for a ton of money. What’s your first car worth? Call it in…877-764-2535!

7:00. What bait do you use to win a $25,000 fish? John Makropoulos is on the phone, the unofficial winner of the “991 PLR/95.9 THE FOX SPECTOR EYE CARE GREATEST BLUEFISH TOURNAMENT ON EARTH”

7:20. Dumb Ass News. Cuckoo Parents Week. A mom arrested for pepper spraying a bus full of elementary school kids. 

7:30. Amazing stories from a Connecticut rescue diver. Dr. Michael A Cassetta, Assistant Chief of Newtown Underwater Search and Rescue (NUSAR) is on the phone.

8:00. This guy turned his obsession with baseball into a career. Jackson Olson is on the phone.

8:20. AJ’s “Stunt or Stupid.” Can he do what no sane person cares to try?

9:00. Arrests made in a catalytic converters theft ring. Former Hartford Police Assistant Chief, Brian Foley. 

9:20. Dumb Ass News. A DUI dance off in Florida.

9:30. A flight attendants advice on joining the mile high club.