Chaz and AJ Show Rundown: Friday, March 31th

Chaz and AJ Show Rundown: Friday, March 31th

6:00. A high school freshman with a size 23 shoe.

6:20. The Top 10 Prank TV Shows – Todays list by Ruth, live from the monkey cage.

6:40. How do you get a choice role on a hot new series? It’s not by wearing the shortest shorts. Steve Krueger from Yellowjackets up next.

7:00. How much would it cost to go to Houston to see UCONN play tomorrow night?
Comedians KP Burke and Servin Remmo in studio. The 7th Annual 4 Veterans by Veterans Comedy Show is tonight.

7:20. Dumb Ass News. What a real estate agent did to sell a house. Dumb or not dumb?

7:30. How much of Scot Haney’s vacation does he remember?

8:00. The rivalry between New Haven’s Police and Fire departments is boiling on to the show.
Also: New 8’s Sports Director John Pierson live from Houston.

8:20. Ron Howard describes how weird it was seeing his daughter nude. And I guess we’d like to know why and how?
Call in the time you saw a family member naked. Shinedown Stripped Down passes. (877) 764-2535

9:00. Yankees, UCONN and do we have to talk about the Red Sox?
Elliot from Jordan’s Furniture talks about their new promotion.

9:20. Dumb Ass News. How a man’s conviction was overturned by the drug sniffing dog. Judge Lisa Wexler in studio.

9:30. Boss Keith’s Top 5 divorce tips he gives to his friends.