PODCAST – Thursday, April 20: All About 4/20

Hand Showing Cannabis Leaf Against Sky With Sunlight

PODCAST – Thursday, April 20: All About 4/20

Ben Zachs with Fine Fettle was on with Chaz and AJ to celebrate Connecticut’s first legal 4/20. He talked a little about the history and lore of the date, and how buying legal products is not at all the experience most people seem to expect. (0:00)

After taking a trip to his truck to smoke, AJ returned to the studio to try some tongue twisters. Unclear if he was impaired, since no one thought he’d be able to do these anyway. (10:23)

Joe LaChance “the weed guy” smoked a little live on the air, and then explained how there’s still a lot Connecticut can do for legal weed. (20:03)

Image Credit: RomoloTavani / iStock / Getty Images Plus