Chaz and AJ Show Rundown: Wednesday, June 14th

Chaz and AJ Show Rundown: Wednesday, June 14th

6:20. The Top 10 Game shows of all time with Andre. Pat Sajak is retiring. (203) 882-9757

6:40. Where in the world is Wolfgang Van Halen?

7:00. A dog rescued after it jumped off of a tower at a Connecticut state park. Chief Ryan Litwin with the Bantam Fire department will tell us what happened.
Comedian Geo Perez in studio. He’s playing June 27th at The Stand in New York City.

7:20. Dumb Ass News. A dead woman wakes up in the weirdest place.

7:30. What do you need to know before going to prison? (203) 882-9757

8:00. Several people rescued in Milford.

8:20. A group of umpires quit over crazy parents and players. It happened in Massachusetts, it can happen here.

8:30. Have you seen nutty parents at a Little League game? Call it in. (203) 882-9757

9:00. What does Roxy of Vixen think of A.I copying artists?

9:20. Dumb Ass News. Loud sex leads to a note from neighbors.

9:30. Stump the Chumps. Category: TV dads Prize: Steve Miller tickets.