Chaz and AJ Show Rundown: Wednesday, November 1st

Chaz and AJ Show Rundown: Wednesday, November 1st

6:00. What is “Pharmageddon” and how has it affected CT?.

6:20. The Top Ten best candy commercials with Mike Killen

6:40. AJ in a Box items. (203) 882-9757

7:00. Kindergarten craziness in Connecticut. Who’s with me?!

7:20. Dumb Ass News. Fill in the blank and win a tank of gas and get in the running to win $1000 from Chevrolet of Milford. Call (203) 882-9757.

Ayesheh Mae is here. See her next Saturday at Parkville Market!

7:30. The guitar-playing paramedic tells us why you shouldn’t douse a heart attack victim with milk or stuff ice down their pants.

7:40. Paramedics and EMTs call in and tell the dumb ways regular people have tried to help you.

8:00. What’s going on with the real estate market? Jonathan Carbutti

8:20. Where not to take a girl on a first date. There’s a list. Good luck single people!

8:30. Call in worst place you’ve been taken on a first date. (203) 882-9757

9:00. A restaurant is charging for customers bad children.

Also… A note from the angriest idiot listener.

9:20. Dumb Ass News. what was thought to be a message in a bottle turned out to be something much different.

9:30. Stump the Chumps for Jim Bruer tickets. Movie car trivia. (203) 882-9757