You Made Camryn’s Wish Come True with Chaz and AJ and Premier Subaru

You Made Camryn’s Wish Come True with Chaz and AJ and Premier Subaru

Chaz and AJ and Premier Subaru Branford are making Camryn’s Wish come true! Six-year-old Camryn lives in Guilford and is a huge Taylor Swift fan. Thank you to everyone who donated to help us raise $10,000 to grant Camryn’s Wish for a playhouse!

Look for AJ Friday from 9am to 2pm all over Guilford singing Taylor Swift songs to celebrate making Camryn’s Wish for a playhouse come true. Look for the map below to find AJ in Guilford.

Camryn’s Story:

Camryn is a typical six-year-old kid. She loves to play outside, swim, play with her Kindergarten friends, dance, sing Taylor Swift songs, act, go to the playground, read books, play dress up, and most of all, loves to play with her big sister Brinley.

Camryn was diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a type of blood cancer that is more common in young children. Leading up to Cam’s diagnosis, she wasn’t acting herself and was getting tired while doing things that typically wouldn’t make her tired. Cam’s mom Courtney and her grandmother Grammy Jane thought maybe she could have gotten bit by a tick, or maybe it was Mono or just a cold. After blood tests, the family got the news that Cam needed medical attention immediately. She quickly began chemo treatments that will last the better part of two years.

Camryn loves to play outside, so deciding her wish was easy. “I wish to have a playhouse” – YOU can help make Camryn’s wish come true by making a gift today. 

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