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1970 Plymouth 'Cuda 440 Six Pack

AJ’s Car of the Day: 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda 440 Six-Pack Coupe

Car: Plymouth ‘Cuda 440 Six-Pack Coupe Year: 1970 What makes it special: Although Chrysler Corporation’s Plymouth Division beat archrival Ford to market by two weeks with the launch of its sporty Barracuda fastback for 1964, sales were consistently poor for the compact Valiant-based Plymouth compared to the Ford Mustang and later Chevrolet Camaro. Design and…Continue Reading

68 chevrolet impala convert

AJ’s Car of the Day: 1968 Chevrolet Impala Convertible

Car: Chevrolet Impala Convertible Year: 1968 What makes it special:  The fourth generation Chevrolet Impalas are full-sized models produced for the 1958 through 1970 model years. Throughout the 1960’s, Chevrolet’s basic body designs became increasingly subtle, while the bright trim that was part of the Impala package added more than a touch of luxury to the look. The…Continue Reading

1966 ford fairlane

AJ’s Car of the Day: 1966 Ford Fairlane 500 Hardtop Coupe

Car: Ford Fairlane 500 Hardtop Coupe Year: 1966 What makes it special: The Ford Fairlane was revised in 1966. Compared to the boxy-looking 1962-1965 Fairlane, the 1966 models were pleasing to the eye, and marginally aerodynamic as well. The appearance was changed to match the full-sized Ford, which had been restyled in the 1965 model…Continue Reading