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62 Mercury Comet

AJ’s Car of the Day: 1961 Mercury Comet Sedan

Car: Mercury Comet Sedan Year: 1961 What makes it special: The Comet was produced by Mercury from 1962–1969 and 1971–1977 as either a compact or an intermediate car. It was initially based on the compact Ford Falcon, then on the intermediate Ford Fairlane and finally on the compact Ford Maverick. As a Mercury, early Comets received better grade interior trim than…Continue Reading

73 AMC Hornet sc360

AJ’s “Badass Friday” Car of the Day: 1971 AMC Hornet S/C 360

Car: AMC Hornet S/C 360 Year: 1971 What makes it special: The 1971 AMC Hornet SC/360 was a muscle car that reflected changing times. Even a year earlier in 1970, when muscle cars were at their pinnacle, the signs were there for those who chose to look. Federal safety watchdogs, state and national emissions regulators, insurance companies and…Continue Reading

60 Dodge Pioneer

AJ’s Car of the Day: 1960 Dodge Dart Pioneer Sedan

Car: Dodge Dart Pioneer Sedan Year: 1960 What makes it special: The first Dodge Darts were introduced for the 1960 model year. They were downsized large cars developed to replace the Plymouth in the standard, low-priced car segment for the Dodge dealer network. For the 1961 model year, the Dart continued as the smallest full-size Dodge. It retained…Continue Reading

1972 Pontiac 400 Catalina

AJ’s Car of the Day: 1973 Pontiac Catalina 400 Coupe

Car: Pontiac Catalina 400 Coupe Year: 1973 What makes it special: Catalina was part of Pontiac‘s full-sized line from 1950 to 1981. Initially, the name was used strictly to denote hardtop body styles, first appearing in the 1950 Chieftain Eight and DeLuxe Eight lines. In 1959, the Catalina became a separate model, as the “entry-level” full-size Pontiac. In 1971, Catalina…Continue Reading

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